General Profile of Neian Elementary School, Penghu, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

 I. About Us

1.  AddressNo. 229 Neian Village, Siyu Township, Penghu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

2.  Campus Size10,570 square meters (2.6 acre)

3.  Foundation of Neian ElementaryApril 1st, 1919

4.  School DistrictNeian Village, major economy is fishing.

5.  Classroom Distribution:

Classroom Number(s)
General Classroom 6
Applied Classroom 4
Restroom 6
Teacher’s Office 2
Health Center 1
Sport Equipment Room 1
Table Tennis Room 1
Basketball Court 1
200m Track Lane 1
Lunch Kitchen 1
Audio Visual Room 1
Library 1
Teacher’s Dormitory 2


6.  Elementary Students Numbers by Grade

Grade Students
1st Grade ?
2nd Grade 10
3rd Grade 8
4th Grade 5
5th Grade 8
6th Grade 14
Total ?


7.    School Faculty and Staff

Employee Number(s)
Principal 1
Director 2
Team Lead 2
Teacher 6
Human Resource 1
Accountant 1
Worker 1
Alternative Military Service 1
Total Employees 15


8.   Human Resource:

Gender Male Female Total
Number(s) 8 7 15


Degree High School Training School Bachelor Master
Number(s) 1 1 9 4


Age 2030 3140 4150 50 and above
Number(s) 6 6 1 2


Ⅱ. Campus Tour


Campus View          

School Entrance


School Hall Mural Paintings

School Stairways View


. School Characteristics


1.      Establish Taiko Team

2.      Creative Sport Day Performance

3.      Christmas Theater Performance

4.      English Reader Theater Performance

School Taiko Team  


Creative Sport Day Performance


Christmas Theater Performance 

   Readers’ Theater Performance


. School Emblem


The emblem symbolizes “Nei”-“an” Elementary School as in Chinese character, it signifies not only the children but also the future of the country. The colors come from the national flag: the blue sky, the white sun, the red land, and the green of the beautiful nature. Combining the symbolic shapes and colors, the emblem indicates that, “ the children of Neian Elementary, grow vigorously under the blue sky and the white sun.”


. Alma Mater


The surge of the tide, the soaring the flag,

This is our school, move on culture, advance education, consolidate school spirit,

Willing to give and volunteer, educating future stars, developing wisdom,

Our stamina, using our full body, believing the truth, loving and caring the purity and faith, creating new life of the children,

Neian Elementary, sturdy and steady, our alumni, faithful to the country.



. Vision

Neian Elementary School has established for ninety years(1919-2009) through its stage of seeding, growing, and maturing. From previous principals, parents association, teachers, students, and the community’s leading, the campus is attractive, education equipments are getting perfect. It is not only a learning paradise for children, but also a castle of the community.

“Use loving, caring, and responsible harrow, to dig out the ignorant of children.Spread a grip of happiness seeds, to wait the seasons of life.Let the seeds grow and mature, to come to the perfect fruit of life.”